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Headlines - November 23, 2017

Civil Procedure - District Court can decide issues requesting damages above jurisdictional limit
DETROIT, MI - The District Court has jurisdiction to grant recoupment in any amount due to a plaintiff based on its counterclaim. Facts and procedure On October 2, 2015, ...More
Architects create a tiny house for a big problem
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - The Minneapolis-based Architects for Society has an unusual design concept for emergency housing: a small hexagon-shaped, rapidly deployable and easy-to-build dwelling ...More
Bar Buzz: The gratitude of the White House press corps
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders added a new, holiday-themed prerequisite for reporters wanting to ask a question at the daily briefing. They ...More
Md. appeals court: Emails in condo association spat not defamatory
BALTIMORE, MD - The founding partner of a Baltimore law firm, in his role as president of his condominium association, did not defame neighbors in two emails after their home was ...More
Plaintiff claimed he was denied pension due to his race
DETROIT, MI - Plaintiff alleged he was denied a duty disability pension because of his race. Defendants stated that they would not allow him to receive his pension because he ...More

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