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Headlines - February 19, 2018

The Breakdown, Episode 7: 'Hamilton' was bound to come up sometime
PHOENIX, AZ - The Arizona Capitol Times team didn't know how to say no to a "Hamilton" tribute, and "licenses schmicenses" was a real topic of conversation. What a time to ...More
Purchaser agreed to pay property assessments
RICHMOND, VA - Petitioners Delancey Street Financial LLC and Delancey Street Financial II, LLC initiated this action requesting this court to compel its Clerk to “cause the lien ...More
Assisted-conception law unconstitutional
RICHMOND, VA - Virginia’s assisted-conception statute, which creates a presumption that a gestational mother’s husband is the father of the conceived child, is unconstitutional ...More
No “parent” status without marriage or adoption
RICHMOND, VA - A woman who raised a child with her partner in their shared home for seven years could not be considered the child’s legal parent, the court of appeals held, because ...More
Sanctions order void after 21-day period
RICHMOND, VA - The high court voided a sanctions order entered more than 21 days after the circuit court’s final order granting the defendant’s demurrer and dismissing the complaint. Appellant ...More
No bail for murder defendant
RICHMOND, VA - In its first published order of the year, Virginia’s high court reversed an order granting bail to a defendant indicted for first-degree murder. Appellee Bernard ...More
Prisoner claims against COs proceed to trial
RICHMOND, VA - Plaintiff Joseph Fleming is an inmate at the River North Correctional Center. He is not able to support his body weight or walk unassisted because of a “slipped ...More

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