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Headlines - August 25, 2016

Politics of the Past: ‘Convention hustlers’ drew GOP to Minneapolis in 1892
ST. PAUL, MN - Editor’s note: This summer and fall, Capitol Report is dipping into the Minnesota Historical Society’s political archives and scooping out documents and artifacts ...More
Planned business incubator wins St. Paul STAR grant
ST. PAUL, MN - A planned business incubator in St. Paul’s Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood is the next step in an effort to turn East Seventh Street, a road once dominated by car dealerships, ...More
Next chapter in Minnesota's pay equity laws
ST. PAUL, MN - It might be that no further laws related to pay equity will be passed or even introduced in the Minnesota Legislature when it reconvenes in January. But recent ...More
Ryan assembling property near a Rochester Wal-Mart
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Minneapolis-based Ryan Cos. US Inc. is purchasing property that gives it potential redevelopment acreage next to one of Rochester’s two Wal-Mart stores. Two ...More
MN Snapshot: Duluth group buys Albert Lea hotel
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Editor’s note: Minnesota Snapshot reports interesting sales and development projects happening throughout Minnesota. The transactions are based on the certificates ...More
Clements Concrete acquires C & A Paving
BOISE, ID - Clements Concrete, a Boise ready-mix concrete company, has acquired the Boise asphalt and paving company C&A Paving Co. The combined companies will likely ...More
Department of Finance prepares for state bank supervisor conference
BOISE, ID - The Idaho Department of Finance has been working with bankers in preparation for the fourth annual Conference of State Bank Supervisors hosted by the Federal Reserve ...More

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