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Headlines - March 23, 2018

March 23, 2018
- [iframe src='' width='300' height='500' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe]...More
UR researching alternative ideas for opioid detox
- For opioid-addicted individuals, finding alternative treatments can be a struggle. For researchers, finding an ear sympathetic to alternative therapies can be frustrating. “Trying ...More
Universities develop hands-off method to detect heart abnormality
- A big challenge in health care is getting patients to comply with the treatments their doctors prescribe for them or with the home testing their doctors want them ...More
Years at Paychex laid foundation for Bobbie Goheen's solo leap
-   For Bobbie Goheen, helping others achieve their goals is her bread and butter. Goheen is a leadership consultant who launched her own business, ...More
Arizona resistant to change in ‘tough-on-crime’ sentencing laws
PHOENIX, AZ - A lingering “tough-on-crime” mentality in Arizona is hampering efforts to reconstruct the state’s criminal justice system. Several measures introduced this session ...More
House panel OKs changes to redistricting commission
PHOENIX, AZ - Republican state representatives advanced a resolution to overhaul the membership of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission in ways that some worry will ...More
Just Sold: Once in foreclosure, Coon Rapids retail center sells for $11 million
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Editor’s note: “Just Sold” is a Finance & Commerce feature based on certificates of real estate value recently filed for commercial transactions and significant ...More

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