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Headlines - August 22, 2017

CHARLOTTE, NC - [iframe src='' width='1260' height='700' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe]...More
Minnesota State Fair beefs up data speeds
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Minnesota State Fair leaders say a new multimillion-dollar telecommunications system at the fairgrounds will make it easier for fairgoers to make calls, send texts ...More
The Right to Appeal
PORTLAND, OR - The week of Aug. 8 was a rarity for Portland City Council, but some are concerned it may be a harbinger of things to come. Two appeals of decisions by the city’s ...More
FEATURED MOVER | Willie White, Overhead Door
BALTIMORE, MD - Robert B. “Willie” White, owner of Overhead Door of Washington, D.C. and a partner in Skeedattle Associates, was re-elected president of the Maryland Horse Breeders ...More
LI Index: Make Nassau Hub a ‘live, work, play’ district
LONG ISLAND, NY - Plans for the Nassau Hub Biotech Park don’t go far enough, according to a report. The hub’s proposal is missing strategies for the kind of economic opportunities ...More
‘Yellow Ribbon’ draws vets to Mitchell Hamline
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - The average annual tuition for private law schools in the United States — about $40,000, according to most surveys — is beyond the reach of many promising students. ...More
Redfin enters Treasure Valley real estate market
BOISE, ID - Seattle-based Redfin, a web-based real estate brokerage that uses on-the-ground agents, set up shop Aug. 10 in the Treasure Valley. Redfin has spread to 85 metro ...More

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