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Headlines - February 19, 2019

St. Louis Park's Westwood Hills Nature Center moving forward
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - St. Louis Park is nearing the start of a roughly $13 million project that will replace the city’s aging Westwood Hills Nature Center with a rare commercial building ...More
FEATURED MOVER | Roda Knott, Community Foundation of Harford County
BALTIMORE, MD - The Community Foundation of Harford County has appointed Rota L. Knott executive director, bringing more than a decade of experience in nonprofit administration ...More
'Carer-feeder': Gillibrand plays up motherhood in 2020 race
BALTIMORE, MD - WASHINGTON — Kirsten Gillibrand had a flurry of pots on the stove and steak, haddock, peas, steamed vegetables and rice on the menu. She had a cable news appearance ...More
Priciest home sales in Bellmore
LONG ISLAND, NY - Priciest home sales in Bellmore (11710) January 2019 The three highest-priced home sales in Bellmore last month ranged from $540,000 to $653,000. The priciest ...More
Inconsistencies lead to amended injury verdict
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - The vagaries of personal injury litigation, particularly where municipalities are involved, were richly on display at the Court of Appeals in Anderson et al. v. ...More
Active vs. passive
DETROIT, MI - Vanguard founder Jack Bogle started the debate of active versus passive investing when he created the first index fund in 1975. Hundreds of additional index funds, ...More
Walmart prevails in slip-and-fall case
DETROIT, MI - Plaintiffs rarely prevail in slip-and fall cases in Michigan courts and the result was no different in federal court. In Lapczynski v. Walmart Stores (MiLW No. ...More

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