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Headlines - December 18, 2018

AGC celebrates centennial, looks to the future
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - When the Associated General Contractors of Minnesota was born 100 years ago this month, many contractors still used horse-drawn equipment, mixed concrete by hand ...More
FEATURED MOVER | Laura Miller, Md. Proton Treatment Center
BALTIMORE, MD - Laura Miller has been named chief administrative officer with the Maryland Proton Treatment Center, the first center in the region to use proton therapy to treat ...More
St. Luke’s sky bridge hoisted into place
BOISE, ID - Construction crews worked quickly over the weekend of Dec. 14-15 to install the new sky bridge connecting the new Idaho Elks Children’s Pavilion with St. Luke’s ...More
City greenlights new East Main Historic District
BOISE, ID - Preservationists are hailing a unanimous vote by the Boise City Council on Dec. 11 that created a new historic district – an action which will protect 11 properties ...More
Freddie Mac: Housing supply inadequate across U.S.
BOISE, ID - After nearly a decade of low levels of building, housing stock is too low to meet demand nationwide. New research from Freddie Mac finds that if supply continues ...More
Insurance claims at $9 billion from California fires
BOISE, ID - SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Insurance claims from last month's California wildfires already are at $9 billion and expected to increase, the state's insurance commissioner ...More
Sentence amended where expectations not ‘crystallized’
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Using a descriptive term adopted in Minnesota Supreme Court case law, a defendant’s sentence may be amended if the defendant has not developed a “crystallized expectation ...More

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