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Headlines - November 19, 2018

Library, Cabin officials hash out details for its future site
BOISE, ID - The future of The Cabin will figure prominently in a Nov. 27 presentation to the mayor and the Boise City Council. With a new library on the city’s radar, a ...More
Circuits split on lenders’ loophole
RICHMOND, VA - Two Virginia circuit judges have reached opposite conclusions on whether Virginia law offers a window for “small loan companies” to charge unlimited interest rates.” In ...More
Cut off
RICHMOND, VA - In a victory for local land use regulators, the Court of Appeals of Virginia said the state ABC Board overstepped its authority when it granted a farm winery license ...More
The VLW Digital Edition - Nov. 19, 2018
RICHMOND, VA - Read the mobile version Read a previous edition To view in full-screen mode, click the .icon. [iframe src=',-2018/sindex.html' ...More
Racial comments don’t overcome no-impeachment rule
RICHMOND, VA - An African-American defendant who was convicted of drug and firearm charges may not interview the convicting jurors for signs of racial animus, despite a juror’s ...More
Human trafficking victim trying to recover $8M award
RICHMOND, VA - A Virginia attorney representing a victim of human trafficking earned her client an $8 million judgment in Kansas earlier this year, which is believed to be the ...More
Supreme Court approves guidance on fixed-fee programs
RICHMOND, VA - Virginia has joined five other states that officially discourage lawyers from participating in fixed-fee programs similar to that offered for a time by Avvo Legal ...More

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