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Headlines - February 23, 2017

What MRE 703 does not say
DETROIT, MI - Recently an experienced trial lawyer told me that trial judges are sometimes excluding the opinion of a medical expert witness under MRE 703 on the basis that some ...More
Bill addresses consent for chemical testing after fatal crashes
DETROIT, MI - State lawmakers are considering legislation aimed at closing a legal loophole that allowed an impaired driver to avoid prison time after a crash that killed two ...More
MN Snapshot: Madden’s wraps up (construction) season
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Editor’s note: Minnesota Snapshot reports interesting sales and development projects happening throughout Minnesota. Other items may come from government agendas, ...More
Senate committee approves bill to create state health savings accounts
BOISE, ID - The Senate Commerce and Human Resources Committee has approved a bill that would create a state-funded health savings account program for state employees. A ...More
Twin Falls rebuilds its downtown Main Avenue
BOISE, ID - Twin Falls removed all the 40-year-old trees from the five-block downtown stretch of Main Avenue during President’s Day weekend as part of plans to rebuild the ...More

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