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Headlines - January 18, 2017

Livonia lawyer disbarred for neglecting legal matters
DETROIT, MI - A Livonia attorney has been disbarred by an Attorney Discipline Board panel after findings that he neglected multiple legal matters and forged a judge’s signature ...More
Just Sold: Alerus sells Maplewood branch
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Editor’s note: “Just Sold” is a Finance & Commerce feature based on certificates of real estate value recently filed for commercial transactions and significant ...More
Counting on convenience
LONG ISLAND, NY - Long Island’s biggest vending machine company is getting bigger. The Answer Group, a family-owned manufacturer and distributor of automatic food, snacks and ...More
Report: Idaho ranks 5th in insurance regulation
BOISE, ID - Idaho ranks fifth in the United States for insurance regulation, according to a new report by the R Street Institute. R Street Institute, a nonprofit, conservative ...More
Idaho's outlook: continued growth for the next two years
BOISE, ID - Leaders and professionals across several industries in Idaho say they are expecting continued growth for at least two more years. An Idaho Department of Labor ...More
In the real estate beauty contest, home staging is key
BOISE, ID - Real estate agents like homes on the market to have a lived-in look – minus the clutter, minus the personal photos, minus the posters on the wall that likely aren’t ...More
Wagner writing her second act: Assistant DA falls into law career by accident
MILWAUKEE, WI - While in college, Mary Wagner considered going to law school. But then she got a job as a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal, married and started a family. But ...More

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