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Headlines - June 28, 2017

Labor department action shows shift in employment rules
DETROIT, MI - A Grand Rapids employment attorney has said that following a recent announcement from the U.S. Department of Labor, there are signs that the new presidential administration ...More
High court to hear testimony on State Bar dues, private appointment rate
MILWAUKEE, WI - The Wisconsin Supreme Court will be hearing testimony in the fall or winter on four petitions. The justices voted June 21 at its last open rules conference of ...More
Just Sold: Solomon sells two retail centers for $10.5M
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Editor’s note: “Just Sold” is a Finance & Commerce feature based on certificates of real estate value recently filed for commercial transactions and significant ...More
Accountants get a dressing down
LONG ISLAND, NY -   At its end-of-tax-season party this year, the accounting firm Friedman announced a new, more relaxed dress code. The firm’s “dress for the day” policy ...More
Tax Experts: Companies aren't claiming valuable tax credits
BOISE, ID - Congress broadened the requirements for the country's Research and Development Tax Credit in 2015 to help small companies and startups save money on their payroll ...More
Stoehr brings global experience to Michael Best
MILWAUKEE, WI - Family has a strong draw. Craig Stoehr had practiced law around the world, from Qatar and London, before he decided to return to his home state of Wisconsin ...More
Idaho improves manufacturing grade, but trails neighbors in several key measures
BOISE, ID - Idaho continues to improve the health of its manufacturing industries, but it still trails its neighbors in several key measures, according to a new report by Ball ...More

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