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Headlines - April 26, 2017

MSC: Notice was sufficient for no-fault claim
DETROIT, MI - When a medical provider sent medical records and a bill to an injured person’s no-fault insurer within a year, that was sufficient notice for a subsequent claim, ...More
Fraud Facts: Protecting the elderly from financial abuse
ROCHESTER, NY - As the world population continues to grow older, it is important to ensure that the elderly population is properly taken care of physically, emotionally and financially. ...More
Just Sold: Horwitz buys bigger plant in New Hope
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Editor’s note: “Just Sold” is a Finance & Commerce feature based on certificates of real estate value recently filed for commercial transactions and significant ...More
Executive Profile: Jonathan Gilbert
LONG ISLAND, NY - Jonathan Gilbert has amassed an impressive résumé combining two decades of high finance and cutting-edge technological pursuits. As CEO of Scythian Biosciences, ...More
Paylocity to grow at Ten Mile Crossing
BOISE, ID - Paylocity opened its first Treasure Valley office in downtown Boise knowing from before Day One that its C.W. Moore Plaza tenancy would be short-term. Long-term ...More
The Waffle Iron will serve the Liège waffle in Ammon
BOISE, ID - A birthday party and an Idaho friend convinced Logan, Utah, entrepreneurs Nate and Jen Shelton to open their second The Waffle Iron restaurant in Ammon, across ...More

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